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At Racecar and Custom Electrical, we’re not just any auto electrical specialists – we’re the chosen supplier of Bosch products in New Zealand. As the preferred partner of Bosch, we offer you direct access to their cutting-edge products right here.

Our mission is to understand your unique goals while keeping your budget firmly on track and providing excellent communication and service every step of the way.

I’m Jason Swan, the proud owner and operator of Racecar and Custom Electrical.

As a certified auto electrician, I specialise in fuel injection diagnostics, calibration, and setup, utilising advanced tools like PC scopes, CAN bus analysers, and cutting-edge diagnostic software.

With over three decades of technical experience, I’ve honed my skills in diverse settings, from large commercial environments to smaller enterprises, both in New Zealand and abroad.

If you’re seeking a dedicated partner to unravel your vehicle’s mysteries, you’ve arrived at the perfect destination.

I possess a deep understanding of your objectives, all while ensuring that your budget remains well within your means. My mission is centered on comprehending your unique goals and keeping your financial plan on a secure and efficient path.

I pride myself on being an expert who is committed to your success.  You can count on me to bring a wealth of expertise in fine-tuning high-end race cars, backed by practical know-how and top-tier problem-solving abilities.

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